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Can knives

A separate type of knife designed to open a tin can. One side is used to open tin cans, the other serves as a lever to open the lids for glass jars. They may differ in designs. Of the minuses, the reliability indicator deteriorates over time. However, this applies to most devices


This intricate tool is used to whip cream, eggs, creams. However, today it is much less common on the farm, because a mixer has replaced it. The whisk is made of stainless steel. It looks like a bundle of rods folded in half with a small handle. If there is no whisk, then a fork is used for the same purposes. Usually it can be found in those who often “indulge” in baking.

Measuring cups

This device is usually made of plastic or glass, since it must always be transparent so that you can see the level of the contents. The volume or weight of the contents is indicated on the wall of the glass. At the same time, if you have special scales, then a measuring cup will not be required. And if you need to find out the volume of the liquid, then it is quite possible to use ordinary glasses or glasses, than you know the volume. Nevertheless, there are advantages to using measuring cups. But there are also disadvantages, in particular, they are not so easy to clean, because contamination can clog up on a special notch that displays the volume.

Bathroom accessories

The bathroom acquires its final appearance and becomes convenient for use only after all the necessary details are installed in it. Little things are small things, but we need a lot of them. And the “little things” of good quality are, sometimes, not much less than the same ceramic tiles on the walls. So the choice of accessories in the bathroom should be approached carefully. Here’s what you may need to equip the bathroom:

Washbasin accessories:
soap dish for lump soap or liquid soap pump;
toothbrush cup/holder;
hand towel rack.

Shower or bath accessories:
shelves for detergents (corner shelves are often used);
a rod for fixing a shower watering can;
a towel holder;
hinged shelf for the bath;
inflatable pillow under the head;
anti-slip mat in the bathtub or shower tray.
Toilet accessories;
toilet paper holder;
toilet brush
Wall hangers for clothes and towels.
Shelves for storing clean towels.
Laundry basket.
Bath mat.
The bathroom space is usually small, and bathroom accessories require a lot. Some of them can be mounted on the wall, the other can stand on a countertop, on a sink, in a locker or on shelves. Another small group is placed on the floor. And all this number of “things” need to find a place, and choose so that they all fit together